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Job Interview Questions And Answers

Preparing for job interview questions is not as simplistic as you might think. More and more employers are looking to ditch the traditional interview questions for more open-ended, detailed ones. Behavioural questions are quickly becoming popular to ask during an interview. They are typically the most important and can often sabotage an interview if answered incorrectly.

Most behavioural questions begin with, “Tell me about a time when” or “Give me an example of.” When asked behavioural questions, consider your achievements, or a tough customer that you were able to turn around. Be sure to describe the problem, how you handled it, and what the results were.

Behavioural questions are designed to find out how a potential employee dealt with past situations. This gives the employer an idea of how the potential employee thinks, what their work ethics might be and how they will likely handle certain situations at your company.

The interviewee clearly states the problem, how they handled it and what the result was. The situation served as both a challenge and an accomplishment. If the question is a little more vague, like “Give me an example of a challenge you had to face at your previous job,” try to look for an example that is relevant to the position you are applying for.

Describe a situation in which you were given constructive criticism. How did you handle it and did you learn anything from it?

Questions for job interviews include the often-asked “Tell Me About Yourself” question. This introductory question can make or break the rest of the job interview so it’s crucial to prepare an answer that not only demonstrates your abilities but also places you in the lead position from the very beginning.

After you have formulated your list of answers, begin jotting down some of your own questions to ask during an interview. You will have the opportunity to address your concerns towards the end of the interview. Employers do expect you to ask at least a few questions. Otherwise, you may give the impression that you are uninterested or unable to think for yourself. Keep in mind, though, that these types of interviews are very short, so only ask important and relevant questions.

There is no set number of questions that you need to ask. Just remember that the interview time is limited. Three to five questions should suffice. Being prepared ahead of time will make the interview process less nerve racking and more pleasurable.

When deciding which questions to ask during an interview, there are a few things to keep in mind. The employer will, without a doubt, make a judgment about you based on the questions you ask. Make each one count. Refrain from asking any questions about salary or benefits. Avoid asking any questions you can easily find answers to on the company’s website. This will give the impression that you are not interested in the organization or are ill prepared. Instead, try asking questions that prove you have done your homework. You may start the question with, “I read on the company’s website that…”

Following are three strong interviewing questions that show you are interested in success for both getting the job and doing well once you have the job.

·What are some of the bigger challenges and opportunities for this role?

·Do you see the department growing within the next year or so?

·What are the next steps in the interview process?

Some more examples of questions to raise are:-

·Why is the previous holder of the position leaving?

·Should I be extended a job offer, how soon would I be expected start?

·What are the day-to-day responsibilities of this position?

·How would you describe the company culture?

·Who does the holder of this position report to?

Remember though that some of these may have already been answered during the course of the interview, so don’t ask them again, otherwise it may seem that you haven’t been paying attention.

Many people who attend job interviews don’t even do the basic research on the company. In many interviews the first interview question is; “What do you know about our company?” And if you answer this question well then you have demonstrated that you have done your homework and that you are keen to work for the company. Read up on the Vision, Mission and the Values of the company and see how your personal values align to the company’s values.

Be Prepared- Make sure you have gathered all the needed materials ahead of time. It is good practice to be available 5 minutes ahead of the meeting time. Some interviewers actually call early deliberately to test potential candidates. Make sure you have a copy of your resume as well as the job description. If internet access is available, pull up the employers website so you may reference it if needed. Create a list of questions you would like to ask during the conversation and make note of their answers.

·Breathe to relax – Take three deep breaths, hold for 3 seconds, and expel the air quickly. This changes your physiology and psychology, and will relax you.

·Unless you’re sure your mobile phone service is going to be perfect, consider using a landline rather than your mobile phone to avoid a dropped call or static on the line.

·Smile. Smiling will project a positive image to the interviewer and will change the tone of your voice.

·Check how the interviewerswant to be addressed (If they introduce themselves as Mr(s). Last Name, then use that title. If they introduce themselves as First name / Last Name, then use the first name.

·Remember to say “thank you.”

·Follow up with a thank you note which reiterates your interest in the job. A hand-written, hand delivered short ‘thank you’ card is even better, if it’s feasible for you.

Vision-Directed Career Guide Provides Job Interview Tips

Hightstown, NJ (PRWEB) September 20, 2006

Beacon Career Management, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its career management guide which focuses on comprehensive job interview tips. The BCM Career Management Guide is complimentary and provides weekly information and resources. The guide can be accessed at
It’s commonly known that the majority of career opportunities will not be advertised. In fact, 80% of available positions will be found only through formal and informal networking. A well organized search for new career opportunities requires a comprehensive strategy. Most importantly, your search should emanate from your own Career Vision of where you see yourself in the long term. In the midst of organizational upheavals, it’s easy to lose sight of your vision, of where you’re heading. You may change the path you’re following, however, it’s even more important to never let go of the fundamental vision

The BCM Career Management Guide also provides additional resources, such as free career assessment testing, resume building, and related news reports.

# # #

More Interview Tips Press Releases

Adam Personnel in NYC Offers Free Career Workshop

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 20, 2007

Adam Personnel, Inc. and Adam Temporary Services, Inc., the Manhattan staffing firm and employment agency, will conduct its inaugural Employment Counseling Workshop on Wednesday, September 26, 2007. The free Workshop for candidates looking for a job or looking to change jobs, will be held at the Grace Institute at 1233 Second Ave in Manhattan. Registration begins at 5:30 p.m.; the two-hour panel discussion gets underway promptly at 6:00 p.m.; at 8:00 p.m. valuable free gifts will be awarded by raffle to lucky participants.

The Workshop will include presentations by Adam President Catherine Palmiere on interview tips, Dress for Success volunteer Ellen Egerter on interview attire, Certified Professional Coach Bernie Siegel, CPA on setting and achieving goals, and immigration attorney Zjantelle Cammisa Markel, Esq. on issues facing candidates needing sponsorship or employment status changes.

As reported in Crain’s New York Business, Catherine Palmiere has recently stepped up from V.P. to President and CEO of Adam Personnel and Adam Temporary Services, increasing Adam’s already broad range of services with new initiatives such as the Employment Counseling Workshop. An instructor at New York’s prestigious Grace Institute, where she teaches a course in career preparation, Ms. Palmiere has also written an article on “A Cure for the Interviewing Blues” which appeared in the NY Metro newspaper. A member of the Society of Human Resource Management and the National Association of Female Executives, Ms. Palmiere holds a B.S. and M.B.A from Manhattan College and is a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC), a Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist (CTS) and a Certified Search Specialist (CSS).

Ellen Egerter, currently volunteers at the NYC Career Center of Dress for Success.

Bernie Siegel, CPA is a successful business executive who now coaches others in their careers. Breaking into the financial services industry at KPMG, Mr. Siegel went on to serve as CFO of TD Waterhouse Inc., then CFO and COO of Discount Brokerage Corp of America. A founding member of online bank Wit Capital Group, he also served as CEO of an international venture capital firm. A graduate of the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching, Mr. Siegel works today as a certified career/life and business coach and is President of the NYC chapter of the International Coach Federation. A popular speaker, panelist, and TV personality, Mr. Siegel has presented financial and career coaching workshops in many NYC venues.

A native of Australia, Zjantelle Cammisa Markel, Esq. is admitted to the bar in both Australia and New York, and additionally has practiced in London and Rome. Ms. Cammisa holds Baccalaureates from Flinders University of South Australia in both Italian and Law, and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Australian National University in Canberra. An internationalist who speaks Italian and French, Ms. Cammisa specializes in immigration and nationality law, representing clients in many fields, including finance, hospitality, advertising, entertainment and sports. Her professional memberships include the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, the New York County Lawyers Association, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Adam Personnel is a full service employment agency and staffing firm headquartered in Manhattan. Adam offers both permanent and temporary placement for everything from senior level positions to the classic support roles. The firm serves a broad range of business and professional employers — from accounting to fashion to IT to sports — and maintains a deep network of talented applicants. Employers and applicants alike have been relying on Adam for wide-ranging experience, comprehensive service, and concerned support for more than a quarter of a century.

EEO Disclaimer. Adam Personnel, Inc./Adam Temporary Services, Inc. is an equal opportunity employment agency and staffing firm, dedicated to a policy of non-discrimination in employment on any basis including race, color, gender, religion, military status, marital status, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ancestry, handicap or disability.

For more information, visit the Adam Personnel website:

Land That Job Acquires CareerAssist Assets

Saskatoon, SK (PRWEB) April 28, 2009

Land That Job! today announced the acquisition of CareerAssist. The two sites have had a close partnership for many years. While Land That Job! has focused on self serve career resources such libraries for sample resumes and cover letters, CareerAssist has offered professional resume writing and critique services.


“It just made a lot of sense to consolidate the 2 businesses,” comments managing partner Malcolm Chlan. “We’ve been working very closely for many years. With the current economic climate, there has been a increased demand for career services. We’re going to pool our resources now and start pulling in the same direction.”


The new company will operate as and will focus on platform development and content aggregation. “We want to help promote content and services of the best resume writers and career coaches out there while providing the world’s best resources to educational and government institutions,” says Chlan


After providing a paid career resource package for many years, Land That Job has dramatically changed their business model in the past 16 months. The site opened up all of the resume and cover letter content, added job listings and created widgets for 3rd parties to begin using both job content and resume content for free.


Resume writers and career coaches can now publish examples of their work with Land That Job which will in turn promote them via 3rd parties using the Landjob widgets.


About was launched in 1998 and is a premier career resource center for job seekers today. Over the past 10 years, it has provided resume and cover letter templates, samples, writing guides, job interview tips and local job postings to millions of job seekers.



5 Key Strategies for Landing the Best International School Positions – Job Interview Tips for Teaching Overseas

Hyannis, MA (PRWEB) November 09, 2011

The 2012-2013 international school recruitment season is getting underway with over 800 schools looking to hire qualified candidates. Forrest Broman, a leading expert in international school recruitment, offers five essential tips to help candidates interested in teaching overseas land the very best positions in the world.

Exhaustive lists of criteria and strategies for creating successful applications and interviews abound. But here are five tips that can determine whether your first choice school makes you an offer. These are distilled from over 25 years of experience recruiting candidates for schools, working closely with international school recruiters, and interviewing over 5,000 candidates.

1.) Results

The latest development in educational research is starting to focus on learning results, rather than just teacher “inputs.” So the best strategy is to provide evidence of student work and accomplishments under your guidance. This may be written work, art projects, exam questions that challenge and promote thinking skills, videos of performances, and student presentations. Don’t be afraid to bring these to the interview, or discuss them in advance. The best recruiters will be very interested and impressed. And for highly desirable schools, this is the very best way to set yourself apart from the competition.

2) After School Coaching and Teaching Skills

Most international schools attempt to mount substantial after school programs in sports, theatre, games, IT, cooking and almost every other skill appropriate to K-12 students. Thus your ability to add something significant to these will make you a more attractive candidate. Good coaches are a primary quest of every school, but if you dont have athletic expertise, you should be prepared to offer at least two types of activities that you would be willing to teach after school.

3) Recommendations from Supervisors

Very few recruiters will ever get to see you in the classroom before they make the hiring decision. They may need to rely on your recommendations from past and current supervisors, and the best schools will conduct extensive phone check-outs, to get a better handle on the person they are considering. They also are aware of the chronic reluctance of US administrators to be forthcoming. Hence, you should inform your references about the different kind of schools you are applying to and let them know the factors you would like them to highlight. Their written and oral comments should include placing you in the top 3%,10% or 20% of the faculty they have worked with, both in terms of teaching abilities and personal characteristics. It’s much better if they are prepared for these questions.

4) Show and Tell

Since recruiters wont be able to see you teach in person, they will appreciate any capacity you have to create a filmed lesson that can be shared. This can make a major difference in selecting one candidate over another, but of course, only if it demonstrates effective teaching strategies. You should definitely develop these clips, but have a knowledgeable educational supervisor review them before sending them out. Dont worry if filming your lessons is appropriate — it is completely ethical and allows you to put your best foot forward and show them your skills.

5) The Personal Factor

Your personal characteristics are far more important to international school recruiters than to your local school districts at home. In these schools you are expected to fit into and enhance a community of expatriates, and to be able to reassure anxious parents from many nations that you are not only an effective teacher, but a positive role model for their children. Invariably you will be drawn into the broader school community; and your potential impact on the well-being, optimism and morale of other staff members is a matter of serious concern. Essentially this means that very positive, engaging people, with excellent social skills and personal resilience will get the nod every time.

Before you Leave the Interview . . .

Know that the best candidates, at a crucial point in the interview, turn the process around and ask thoughtful questions about the school. Inquiring about the schools goals, concerns, the most difficult challenges the school and staff face, and other important topics show youre seriously interested in the school along with the intangible dynamics that make the school unique. The idea here is to remind the recruiter that just as he is evaluating you, you are carefully considering whether this is a school where you want to work. Probing, thoughtful questions, focused mainly on learning issues, (not benefits and remuneration), are clearly the most effective.

Forrest Broman, founder and director of The International Educator (TIE), located in Hyannis, MA, directed three international schools and created two others during his international school career. TIE is a non-profit organization that for 25 years has been dedicated to developing links among teachers and the extensive American and international schools network worldwide. TIE publishes a quarterly newspaper featuring the latest in international school news and developments for K-12 educators around the world. TIEs website,, offers the widest selection of K-12 teaching and administrative jobs available anywhere in the world.


More Interview Tips Press Releases

Achievers Announces Its Webcast: Solving the #1 Business Problem by Recruiting A Players

(PRWEB) November 17, 2011

Achievers (formerly I Love Rewards), the fastest growing employee global rewards and Social Recognition company, announces today its webinar on November 29th at 1pm EST, Solving the #1 Business Problem by Recruiting A Players with ghSmart. Join Hilary Harrison, Director of Recruiting at Achievers, and Michael Haugen, Partner at ghSmart, as they provide insight on how to recruit A Players and discuss what your company needs to be doing to stay ahead of the competition.

“In today’s highly competitive business world, great people are the competitive advantage,” said Michael Haugen, partner at ghSmart. “Unfortunately, many managers don’t have the tools and the skills to filter through the talent pool and hire true A Players. Hiring mistakes are expensive in terms of time and money. Managers need to learn and practice the best techniques for sourcing, recruiting and interviewing top talent.”

In This Webcast You’ll Learn:

GOCTEST Launches to Help Canadians Find Work in the Government Sector

Ottawa, Ontario (PRWEB) December 16, 2011

This week, employment in the Canadian Federal Public Service has become more attainable for many interested job seekers thanks to the launch of the website. GOCTEST is a website service where visitors can subscribe to browse a database of over 5000 questions actually used in Federal Government job interviews. Covering countless types of positions and branches of government, GOCTEST has emerged as a perfect web resource for anyone looking to work in the public service.

With more and more jobs being cut in the Federal Government, those applying for positions need to be more prepared and more competitive than ever. GOCTEST aids job seekers by helping them get ready for the types of questions that they will get asked. Through doing this, GOCTEST hopes to help put deserving candidates into important roles in the public service.

GOCTEST founder, Yannick Wega also sees this as important for ensuring that high quality workers are placed in Public Service positions. “By providing applicants to Public Service jobs with these questions, we also help them know what kind of work they need to be prepared for. They find out ahead of time what will be expected of them. If you have a candidate who is not only prepared to answer your questions, but have actively researched and bettered themselves in those areas; you don’t just have a better interviewer, you have a better worker. It also works both ways, potential employees can now know what it takes to work in a specific role. They see the questions, get an idea of the work, and if they don’t think they would be a good fit they can avoid the position entirely. Instead of finding out six months down the line that you took the wrong job, you can know before and avoid applying. It gives us better government workers, more efficient departments, and more employment satisfaction.”

GOCTEST has launched earlier this week and the website and has already stirred up some attention in the Ottawa area. As a predominantly government employed town, GOCTEST seeks to get the majority of its success in the Ottawa and Gatineau area. The majority of federal government jobs are in that area, and thus the highest potential viewership for the website. The owning company, TopTest Inc. have high hopes for the new web service and estimate it will have very high usage. GOCTEST has been identified as being highly useful for several core markets. Students or younger workers who are seeking an entry level position will be able to find countless questions geared towards their employment level. Private sector workers, individuals new to Canada, or other specialized professionals who would be more suited to higher level positions will be able to find questions for specific branches and higher level jobs. Finally, existing Federal Government employees can also make use of the service if they are interviewing for a promotion and wish to prepare for higher level management positions. By appealing to these different users, GOCTEST hopes to become the most highly used resource among those seeking Public Service employment.

About GOCTEST: is a recently opened website that features a database of over 5000 questions used in interviews for the Federal Government as well as job postings for government work The website is owned and operated by TopTest Inc, an Ottawa based firm and is Canada’s leading website for public service interview preparation.

Contact Details:

Brad Rach

Tel: (613) 244-1159

Email: brach(at)vertamin(dot)com

Office Address: 128 Camelia Avenue, Ottawa Ontario, K1K2X6


Related Job Interviews Press Releases

NY Graduate Careers Advice Company,Hheaded by Beth Stollman, Runs Pro Bono Careers Advisory Day for Graduates in New York

(PRWEB) December 22, 2011

The free open day, designed to better equip graduates with the tools they need to find suitable employment, was open to any graduates currently unemployed, in or around the New York area. The initiative was run by the NY Graduates Careers Company. According to Beth Stollman, founder and CEO of the company, they decided to run the open day after realizing that not only is the market particularly harsh at the moment, but also that many graduates are not marketing themselves or conducting their job searches as effectively as possible.

This is the first pro bono advisory day that the company has run. Graduates were able to drop in and get advice regarding the current job market in and around New York. “Our aim is to connect graduates with companies who have job opportunities now or in the foreseeable future,” comments Beth Stollman. “We also provided advice and one on one counselling many graduates were very focused on a particular location for example, others simply were not aware of all the companies and potential recruiters in their area. We offered free advice on how and where to access jobs, how to stay on top of the employment market, as well as advice on writing resumes and tips for how to stand out from the rest in job interviews”.

All the graduates who attended the free advisory day were also invited to sign up with the NY Graduate Careers Company, which works closely with many companies, from small local businesses through to several blue-chip organizations. We have linked up many graduates with companies. “We not only work to match up the correct skill sets with the job requirements, but furthermore, we find success is significantly increased when we also focus on the personality, motivations and so forth, of the individual. It is important to find them a job in a company which can also accommodate these sorts of issues” remarks Beth Stollman.

The NY Graduates Careers Company was set up in March 2010 by Beth Stollman and co-founder, Jamie Merken. The two are local graduates themselves who struggled to find suitable employment after graduating. “The current economic climate has meant that jobs are scarce,” says Stollman, “we realized this was one area where there was a need for some sort of service to assist graduates and connect them with the right jobs”. With the current economic downturn, even graduates that have achieved good grades and are willing to work hard and travel for the right job, are still finding to it difficult to find suitable employment.

About Beth Stollman

Beth Stollman has lived all her life in New York. She graduated in 2009 with a degree in Business Management. Beth Stollman is the founder and CEO the NY Graduate Careers Company, which she has been running since 2010. Beth currently lives in New York City with her partner. Her hobbies include yoga and going to the theatre. Beth is an avid runner and has recently started competing at an amateur level. She is currently training for the New York Marathon.


Training For Work As An SEO Specialist in 2012 # SEO

Washington DC (PRWEB) January 09, 2012

Search Engine Academy Washington DC (SEA DC) is preparing to teach its five day course in training for work in SEO as a career for anyone who has been laid off and is committed to learning new skills to become more employable. Retired and discharged military, national guard and reserve military personnel may also be interested in getting SEO trained and certified to start their civilian career.

What is new for 2012 is that SEA DC will refer graduates to the Washington DC office of Onward Search,a recruiting firm that places SEO professionals in temporary and freelance positions, as well as interactive designers, Internet marketers and mobile development professionals all across the D.C metro area.

“One more thing to make our SEO training more attractive to folks is to let them know there’s at least one resource in the Washington DC area that places SEO specialists in temporary and freelance SEO positions, ranging from junior SEO specialists to senior level jobs. So many people wonder how they’re going to get work in SEO if they invest money and time in our SEO training, and this is one avenue they can take advantage of,” according to Nancy E. Wigal, the owner and operator of Search Engine Academy Washington DC (SEA DC).

The demand for SEO specialists, both as in house and free lance consultants is growing. The demand often exceeds supply, so anyone interested in training for work as an SEO expert will find themselves work, if they master job interviewing techniques and associated career transition steps.

SEO training and certification is available at SEA DC or the other Search Engine Academy locations in the U.S. and Canada. Regularly scheduled classes are now available to register for, and SEA DC works with individuals to provide the training outside of normally scheduled workshops.

“I work hard to accommodate schedules for attendees. If they’re willing to invest the time and are brave enough to do what it takes to make a career change, I want to do what I can to help them achieve their goal,” said Nancy.

Search Engine Academy SEO training courses are taught face to face. Attendees bring a laptop to class that is capable of accessing the internet. All course materials are provided by SEA DC. Classes are kept small to allow students personalized instruction. Upon successful completion of the five day SEO master comprehensive course, attendees receive six months’ SEO mentoring free of charge.

Search Engine Academy was co-founded by John Alexander and Robin Nobles. In addition to the five day SEO master comprehensive course, SEA offers a two day basic SEO course and a three day advanced SEO class for anyone with a website that does not show up high in search results.


Job-Hunt.orgs Top 5 Tips to Help Job Seekers Catch Up With Todays Job Market

(PRWEB) January 10, 2012

The combination of improved technology and a tough economy have made it even more important that a job seeker catch up to whats happening NOW, or they risk a very long job search.

1. Avoid the missing person issues!

Many job seekers believe that not being visible in a Google search of their name is good for them. They are confusing “invisibility” with “privacy” – two very different things! Privacy is good; invisibility is bad!

Being invisible makes them look like a “missing person” – demonstrably out-of-date. And, worse, being invisible makes them vulnerable to mistaken identity problems if someone with the same name has a bad online reputation.

The best strategy is to ensure that potential employers find good stuff specifically about the job seeker, created and controlled by the job seeker (see # 2 below).

2. Manage that online reputation.

According to a recent Microsoft study, 79% of employers checked out applicants’ online reputations before contacting them. So, online reputation management is critical in today’s job market. Two excellent tools for online reputation management are LinkedIn and Google+ because the job seeker controls what each shows the world about them.

Because LinkedIn is usually included on the first page of any Google search on a person’s name, it eliminates the missing person issue and also provides an excellent platform for job seekers to showcase skills and accomplishments – to “manage the message” about themselves as companies manage their brands.

Of course, a Google+ Profile link is also usually included on the first page of any Google search on a persons name, also eliminating the “missing person” issue, supporting the LinkedIn Profile, and offering additional ways for job seekers to present their image to the world.

For more information, read Job-Hunt’s Unlock a Successful Job Search with Online Reputation Management.

3. Leverage the power of the Internet to prepare for interviews.

Recently, a job seeker told me that the first question she was asked in an interview was, What do you know about us? If she hadnt been prepared, she would have lost the opportunity at that moment.

Visit the employers website who, what, where are they? What do they sell/provide? Who are their customers or constituency? Who are competitors and business partners? Do they tweet their job openings and news or have a Facebook page with news and job openings? What else does Google show about them?

Job seekers can demonstrate their ability to use current technology, as well as their interest in the employer and the job, by preparing for the interview ideally with one or two questions ready, based on that research. For more information on preparing for interviews, see WorkCoachCafe’s Answers to the Most Common Interview Questions and Job-Hunt’s Job Interviewing section.

4. Convert the old-fashioned work-history resume into an accomplishment-focused resume, modified for each job opportunity.

We are long past the days when a one-size-fits-all resume, listing every job in the work history, worked effectively. In todays tough job market, a resume designed to appeal to every possible potential employer instead appeals to none of them.

The old-fashioned resume also demonstrates how long it has been since the job seeker last did a job search maybe back in the Dark Ages before personal computers, word processing software, and the Internet.

See Job-Hunts Resume Expert Susan Irelands resume advice and sample resumes for help.

5. Put the Internet to work to connect with old friends and former colleagues.

Yes, the Internet network helps with networking! Because hiring someone who doesnt work out is so expensive, people often hire someone they already know, at least a little, or someone known by someone they know in other words, someone in their personal network.

The Internet offers many tools for staying connected, and for re-connecting, with people you liked and respected from your past Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Employer alumni groups are wonderful for helping job seekers find former colleagues, coworkers, bosses, etc.

You find these alumni groups on LinkedIn, in Job-Hunts Employer Alumni Networking Directory which lists over 250 groups, and through the search engines.